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1926. A world of flappers, speakeasies, and bathtub gin. Alex, a cocky college graduate, starts her journalism career at a small Montana newspaper. On her first day, a courthouse shootout thrusts her into the lead reporter's role. It also pushes her into the path of the town's most eligible, and handsome, cattle rancher. Riddled with self-doubts, she doesn't know if she can handle this major story or the budding love she feels for the cowboy.

That spring, an ice jam on the Yellowstone River causes a major flood, which threatens to drown the town. Only US Army bombs can save it. Alex's reporting on this one and only bombing of a US city by the US Army draws national attention and a job offer from the San Francisco Chronicle. So, she's faced with a choice. Her dream job or her dream man. Definitely A LADY NEWSPAPERMAN'S DILEMMA.